Company Profile

Dezhou Guoyang is a professional manufacturer of central air conditioning, and one of the largest manufacturers of central air conditioning in China. The company has abundant capital, exquisite technology and advanced equipment. With the tenet of "creating a better home together" and the goal of building an international top brand, we are striving to enter into the field of commercial (domestic) central air conditioning, integrating R & D, production, sales, engineering design, installation and after-sales service. We have successively developed variable frequency domestic central air conditioning, household central air conditioning, intelligent BRV domestic (commercial) central air conditioning, air-cooled hot water unit , water-cooled screw unit, ground source heat pump unit, ultra-high temperature ground source heat pump unit, combined roof unit, constant temperature and humidity unit, commercial air duct unit, fan coil unit, cabinet air conditioner, combined air conditioner, etc. more than 800 varieties of products have successfully entered the market and won the trust of users. With the support of strong customer groups, the company has been able to healthy and rapid Development, in the domestic and foreign market position is growing.

"People oriented, science and technology oriented", we believe in high-quality people to create high-quality products, we have a distinctive corporate culture to agglutinate a large number of industry-leading scientific and technological talents and cherish the value of each employee, thus shaping a high-quality and efficient staff team, guiding the product path to the forefront of high-tech, we not only focus on consumers when The former demand and the future demand of consumers are predicted scientifically, and the vitality of innovation is always adhered to, so as to improve and innovate the living environment unremittingly. Because our mission is to "create a better home".

Credit is the lifeline of an enterprise. Respect for product quality is equal to respect for consumers. Therefore, we choose to start from the service for market entry. Our principle is: the product that users are not satisfied with is the unqualified product! Create customer satisfaction marketing environment is our pursuit, customer satisfaction is the highest standard to evaluate a brand! We will fulfill our promise unconditionally, because our goal is to "run a hundred year enterprise".

Guoyang people are a vigorous, vigorous and young team. They are a dedicated, continuous and striving team. We shoulder the responsibility given by the society and set our own goals with our mind. We are born out of the sky with great courage and vow to bring a round of rising sun out of the horizon.