Air volume control valve

Product Overview:

The CVD type regulating valve has a square and circular structure, and can be equipped with manual mechanism, electric spring return, electric double position, electric continuous adjustment actuator, etc., with various forms, which can meet different requirements of users.

According to the needs of users, the regulating valve blades can be selected in parallel or split form. Round valves can also be made in the form of discs. There are three types of blades: flat hard seal (C1), bevel hard seal (C2), bevel silicone seal (C3), flat hard seal and bevel hard seal vane valve can meet UL Class III sealing requirements, bevel silicone seal blade Type valve can meet the sealing requirements of UL Class II.

The valve body and sealing material of all air volume control valves can meet the high temperature resistance requirement of 250°C/1h.

The damper frame and blades are made of galvanized steel.

The damper bearing material is brass, which can withstand high temperature of 300°C.

The blades are connected by a shaft with a diameter of 12 mm, and the blade shaft material is galvanized carbon steel.

Use spring steel side seal to reduce leakage.

The blade has two opening methods: parallel and split. There are three types of blades: flat hard seal (C1), inclined hard seal (C2), and inclined silicone seal (C3). Silicone can meet the high temperature requirements of 250°C/1h.

You can choose manual down screw adjustment, manual sector adjustment, spring return actuator, electric actuator, etc., which is convenient and flexible.

The thickness of the valve body L=210mm.

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