Smoke exhausting fan

Product Overview:

(1) High temperature resistance. The fan test meets the requirements of gbj45-82 fire code test standard, and an enterprise internal control assurance system higher than the standard is established. It can operate continuously for more than 100 minutes under 400 ℃ high temperature and 150 ℃ high temperature. It is widely used in advanced civil buildings, ovens, underground garages, tunnels and other occasions.

(2) It has a wide range of applications. According to different requirements of advanced civil buildings, variable speed or multi speed drive can be adopted to achieve the purpose of one machine and two uses (i.e. common ventilation and high temperature smoke exhaust during fire fighting).

(3) High efficiency. The fan adopts advanced CAD system software, which is a new product developed by multi-objective optimization design. According to the actual measurement, the fan efficiency is more than 80%, part of the fan number is more than 85%, and the efficiency curve is flat, which is conducive to energy saving.

(4) It is easy to install and occupies less space than centrifugal fan. The basic type of the fan is axial-flow fan, which can be directly connected with the air duct and installed on the wall (the installation form can be vertical or horizontal), greatly saving the floor area. At the same time, it is not affected by the large number and the large air volume required, and adopts the direct connection mode of the motor to make its operation reliable.

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