Centrifugal fan

Product Overview:

The fan can be made into two types of right-hand and left-hand rotation. When facing from one end of the motor, the impeller rotates clockwise, which is called the right cyclone. It is indicated by "right" and counter clockwise, which is called the left cyclone. It is indicated by "left".

The outlet position of the fan is indicated by the outlet angle of the casing. Our factory produces

The 4-72-11 fans № 2.8-6a are all made into one type at the factory

No. the user shall re install it to the required position according to the requirements

To be noted. No. 2.8 air outlet position adjustment range 00-2250, interval 450. No. 3.2-6a air outlet position adjustment range, the interval between 00-2250 is 22.50. The position of № 8-12 air outlet shall be put forward during ordering. It can provide 00, 900 and 1800, which cannot be adjusted. It shall be noted during ordering.

The installation angle of the fan is expressed by the angle of the air outlet of the shell, with an interval of 22.50 and an adjustment range of 0-22.50. The driving mode of the fan includes a (no bearing box device, direct drive by motor), B (bearing support device, belt drive, pulley in the middle of two bearings), C (cantilever support device, belt drive, pulley outside the bearing), D (cantilever support device, coupling There are four types of device connection drive). When selecting and ordering, the machine number, rotation speed, air volume, air outlet angle and rotation direction shall be indicated.

In 4-72-11 fans, № 2.8-5 is driven by type A; and № 6 is driven by type A, type C and type D. Type C and D are supported by rolling bearings. The № 8-12 is supported by rolling bearing and can be divided into C-type and D-type drives. The № 16-20 is supported by rolling bearing and is of type B drive.

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