Unit type air-conditioning unit

Product Overview:

1. Optimized, efficient and energy-saving system: Some products have obtained national Class A energy-saving certification.                   

2. Various series for selection: There are four types of units, i.e. air-cooled thermostatic and humidistatic, water-cooled thermostatic andhumidistatic, air-cooled and water-cooled. The compressor placement, extra pressure outside the unit, and air supply and return method are optional, tomeet the using requirements under different conditions and environments.

3. Stable operation and low noise: Efficient centrifugal fan is adopted, and the high-quality, sound-absorbing and heat-insulating materials are attachedto the inner wall to reduce the noise of the unit.

4. Strong anticorrosive ability: The high-quality galvanized steel plate is formed through processing by using Japan AMADA CNC punching bending equipment. The sheet metal surface is conducted with phosphate spraying processing, featuring by firm plastic layer, strong anti-corrosion and anti-rust ability.

5. Multi-system design: Each system is an independent refrigeration circuit, so as to reduce the frequent start of the compressor; improve the safety of theoperation of the unit. For example, if a system breaks down, another system can continue to operate normally; and prevent the fluctuations of indoor outflow air temperature during defrosting, thus increasing the outflow air quality.

6. Foundation-free installation: The unit adopts high-basin design and a trap can be installed if there is no foundation.

7. Intelligent control: Adopt advanced PLC control or microcomputer humanized control, having intelligent network communication, remote communication, group control and other functions.

8. Reliable quality: Each unit is tested in strict accordance with the provisions of national standards and is permitted to leave the factory only when all performance indexes reach the national standard requirements. 

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