Factory/cool drug storage dedicated air-conditioning unit

Product Overview:

1. Patented two-blade blow structure realizes the industrial-first hanging installation;

2. Patented self-guided air curtain anti-condensation technology solves the condensation problem of spherical vents;

3. Patented heat recovery compensation technology solves the problem of the difference in the demand for refrigeration and heating capacity of the unit, and realizes the efficient operation of the unit all the way.

4. Patented unique wall-mounted unit appearance, so the unit has an original wall-hanging appearance of the industry, with the  industry's thinnest fuselage;

5. Patented oval tube heat exchanger of fluorine system technology;

6. Patented oil mist filter technology realizes the special application of the unit in the mechanical processing plant;

7. Year-round refrigeration technology and dehumidification and reheating technology are adopted.

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