High-static pressure air duct blowing-in type split air-conditioning unit

Product Overview:

1. Optimized, efficient and energy-saving system: Some products have obtained national Class A energy-saving certification.

2. First-class accessories with high quality: The compressor, expansion valve, heat exchange tube, blower, controller and other key components of the unit are all Professional brand, so as to ensure stable quality, energy-saving operation, safe and reliable operation of the unit.

3. Complete specifications and varieties for selection: The unit is divided into return air type and all fresh air type; the following series are available: single cold type, cold and warm type and heat pump type; and there are three types of external static pressure and multiple refrigerants for selection, so as to meet the using requirements under different occasions and environments.

4. Stable operation and low noise: The unit adopts advanced flexible scroll compressor, dedicated axial motor and fan blade; the indoor fan is efficient centrifugal fan, with high-quality sound-absorbing and thermal insulation materials attached to the inner wall, effectively ensuring the unit's smooth operation and low noise characteristics.

5. Unique severe environment self-adaptation technology: When working under severe environment, the unit can automatically adjust to its optimum operation state, to ensure efficient and reliable operation. The unique intelligent defrost technology is adopted to improve the operating efficiency of the heat pump unit.

6. Unique compressor wear-leveling technology: The multi-system unit can automatically balance the running time of compressors, so as to level the wear of each compressor and improve the service life of entire machine.

7. Reliable product quality: Each unit is tested in strict accordance with the provisions of national standards by using the full-performance test bench designed and produced by Hefei General Machinery Research Institute. It is permitted to leave the factory only when all performance indexes reach or exceed the national standard requirements.

8. Beautiful and elegant appearance: The shell adopts high-quality galvanized steel plate, formed through processing by using Japan AMADA CNC punching bending equipment. The sheet metal surface is conducted with phosphate spraying processing, with firm plastic layer, elegant color, strong anti-corrosion and anti-rust ability.

9. Easy installation, maintenance and inspection: The ceiling installation of the indoor unit does not occupy the effective space; and the outdoor unit can be installed flexibly according to the actual situation. Indoor and outdoor units only need to connect the copper pipe and the connection line to debug and use. All other parameter settings and fluorine filling are completed at the factory.

10. Multi-system design: Each system is an independent refrigeration circuit, so as to reduce the frequent start of the compressor; improve the safety of the operation of the unit; and prevent the fluctuations of indoor outflow air temperature during defrosting, thus increasing the outflow air quality.

11. Direct-connected fan is used as the indoor fan: Because the belt drive is subject to regular maintenance and replacement of the belt, the unit generally adopts ceiling installation and is inconvenient to maintain and replace. While the direct-connected fan can avoid such inconvenience and save the cost of replacing the belt.

12. Patented heat recovery compensation technology: It solves the problem of the difference in the demand for refrigeration and heating capacity of the unit, and realizes the efficient operation of the unit all the way.

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