Condensing exhaust, heat recovery and fresh air all-in-one machine - Multi-split air-conditioning sy

Product Overview:

1. Drawer type modular design (patent technology): The unit adopts integrated structural design, easy to transport, install and construct and with quality controllable; the unit is easy and convenient to debug and maintain on site; without connecting pipe, the unit is free from oil return and blockage problems; equipped with building ventilation function, the unit doesn't need to design another exhaust system (exhaust fan). The refrigeration system modules are self-contained and there is no need for secondary operations on the site (connecting refrigerant tubes, maintaining pressure, leak detection, evacuation, charging refrigerant, etc. The unit adopts dedicated pulleys and double-parallel guide drawer design, easy to maintain (easy to pull by one person). This is reflected in the transformation project.

2. New heat recovery technology: The unit realizes heat recovery through the system self, without requiring extra heat recovery unit, enjoying high performance cost ratio; now the plate heat exchange recovery and wheel heat recovery units have such shortcomings as short service life, large wind resistance and gradually decreasing heat recovery efficiency. This unit avoids cross pollution and improves the air quality.

3. Strong heating capacity: The unit fully recovers the energy in the building's exhaust air, solves the problem of condensation or icing during the winter operation of other heat recovery fresh air-handling units, greatly increases the evaporation temperature, increases the heating capacity, and reduces the frosting temperature. When the ambient temperature is -6°C, the coefficient of heating performance is 5.36; when at -15°C, the unit can still operate efficiently and stably, which is very suitable for use in northern regions.

4.  Constant enthalpy control, being energy saving and comfortable: The unit adopts the air supply control technology with the air supply enthalpy value approximating to indoor enthalpy value and is equipped with condensing and reheating coils (optional), wet film humidifier (optional), etc., so as to ensure to meet the temperature and humidity requirements of supply air.

5. High-pressure parallel (variable frequency) compressor: The compressor of the unit adopts R410A high-pressure chamber multi-stage parallel (variable frequency) technology, which not only ensures the stability and comfort of the air supply, but also improves the overall performance coefficient of the unit. The high-pressure chamber scroll compressor utilizes differential pressure oil return technology to effectively solve the problem of oil return during unit operation under partial load conditions.

6. Oval tube heat exchanger (patent technology): By using oval tube heat exchanger, the wind resistance is reduced by 50%, the power consumption and the noise of the fan are reduced; and the heat exchange efficiency is improved by 10% to 12%.

7. Stable, reliable and advanced accessories: The unit adopts imported brand electronic expansion valve, with precise control and rapid response,It ensures the most efficient operation of the unit under various adverse conditions. The use of color touch screen ensures simple operation and beautiful appearance.

8. Long service life: The unit adopts corrosion-resistant galvanized sheet foam plate design, with built-in condenser and filtering screen in the front to avoid harsh environmental erosion and ensure the unit life of more than 15 years.

9. CO2 concentration sensor control technology: The CO2 concentration sensor is set at the return air outlet of the unit, which can realize energy-saving operation control according to the CO2 concentration in room.

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