Air-cooled scroll chilled water & heat pump unit

Product Overview:

1. The unit has 4 basic modules, which can be freely combined according to the required capacity. The cooling capacity range is 51-1300kW.

2. By adopting efficient and high-quality components and optimized system design, a full range of products have obtained national energy conservation certification.

3. The industry's most streamlined system flow improves the energy efficiency of the unit; the industry's most compact structure reduced the size of the unit.

4. Unique balance tank design increases refrigerant supply during defrosting, increases heating, and reduces defrosting time.

5. Patented split type dry evaporator (patent No.: ZL03227972.8) has high heat exchange rate and reliable return oil.

6. All module controllers are connected by common RS485 communication bus and each controller can work alone or in combination with multiple controllers.

7. Under partial load, the unit can adjust the output of the energy in a step-by-step manner of modular unit, so that it best matches with the load and saves significant energy.

8. The R410A refrigerant can be used, featuring by chlorine free, ozone layer destruction index of zero, and environmental friendly.

9. Adopt thick-wall high-quality galvanized steel plates for bending and spraying. After verification, its strength is 1.4 times of ordinary units and anti-corrosion capability doubles that of ordinary units.

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