Multi-split air-conditioning (heat pump) unit

Product Overview:

1. Advanced IPLV - up to 7.55, with an average value of 7.07: The unit adopts large-capacity high-pressure cavity DC variable frequency scroll compressor, high-efficiency Brushless DC fan motor, and integrated high-efficiency U-type heat exchanger;

2. Six fold-return oil control technology:  It can achieve up to 99% of the system's oil return efficiency to ensure stable and reliable operation of the system and compressor;

3. Nine control technologies to reduce noise: The night mute function can achieve ultra-low noise operation of the unit;

4. Strong winter heating effect: The unit adopts quick start of heating technology, fast intelligent defrosting and partial load defrosting mechanism;

5. Various operation modes are optional: professional brand inverter module is adopted to make the system more stable and reliable

6. Efficient and stable refrigerant piping design: Accurate and reliable efficient 2-in-1 flow path design of outdoor unit, efficient low-conductivity supercooling circuit of outdoor unit, multi-electronic expansion valve + solenoid valve liquid side bypass control, high-precision pressure sensor for accurate and rapid pressure control are adopted;

7. The double conversion and double backup technology of outdoor unit: Alternate operation of modules and balanced and reliable backup operation function can ensure continuous operation, power failure memory function, non-polarity communication, and simple and convenient wiring;

8. Multiple protection functions: This can ensure the safe operation of the system, control the system and monitor its operation through the important parameters such as temperature, pressure, current, and voltage in real time. When an abnormality occurs, it can control the system to automatically adjust or protect it directly to ensure the safe and stable operation of the unit system.

9. Intelligent control and management: The intelligent network control system is dedicated to providing customers with tailored system solutions.

10. Flexible equipment installation: The use of modular design with super flexibility, combined with the design of an ultra-long refrigerant connection pipe and an external outdoor static pressure of 82.5 Pa together provide users with more convenient installation conditions.


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