Air handling unit

Product Overview:

1. Main performance advantages

1) Excellent material selection, key parts are all international famous brand products;

2) Modular design is adopted for the box body of the unit, so that each type of unit has a high degree of interchangeability;

3) The unique structure design scheme without cold bridge improves the heat insulation and air tightness of the unit, and the air leakage rate of the whole unit is ≤ 2.5%;

4) The fan has the advantages of excellent aerodynamic characteristics, accurate operation point, high efficiency, small vibration and low noise;

5) The good heat exchange capacity of the unit surface cooler ensures that the unit has sufficient cooling capacity. At the same time, high-efficiency water baffle shall be equipped as required, and the excess water volume of surface cooling section shall be ≤ 3 × 10-4kg / kg;

2. Structural features

1) Box board: it adopts the structure of double-layer steel plate with insulation material sandwiched in the middle, the outer layer is 0.5mm thick color steel plate, the inner layer is 0.5mm thick galvanized steel plate, and the middle cavity adopts special foaming equipment with filling density of 45kg / m3 flame-retardant polyurethane insulation material, which has good insulation performance. The sealing material between the box plate and the frame can effectively reduce the air leakage rate of the unit.

2) Frame: it is made of high-quality steel rolling section steel, and its surface is treated with electrostatic spraying process.

3) The box body adopts the structure design without cold bridge (see the schematic diagram):

4) Base: the unit is equipped with a rigid base, with a height of 130mm. The surface is treated with electrostatic spray process for corrosion protection and has the same heat preservation effect as the box board .

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