Precision air conditioning

Product Overview:

1. Match with famous brand high-quality and efficient compressor:

The main engine adopts fully enclosed scroll compressor of famous brand, which has the following advantages compared with semi enclosed piston compressor:

It has few parts (about 1 / 3 of the piston compressor), simple structure, few wearing parts, high reliability and long service life;

The compressor has the advantages of uniform and continuous suction and exhaust, low exhaust temperature, small vibration, insensitivity to wet compression and strong resistance to liquid hammer;

2. Match the advanced and reliable control system and control technology:

It adopts Germany's advanced Siemens microcomputer control, intelligent unit control, touch control screen, Chinese display and friendly control interface. The system has intelligent control of temperature and humidity.

In order to ensure the reliable operation of the unit, the computer is equipped with a perfect program control system, which can control the constant temperature and humidity from level to fine adjustment and quickly meet the control requirements.

From setting to operation, the humidification control adopts fuzzy theory control to realize high precision and stepless humidification.

The automatic control level of the unit is advanced, the mechanical and electrical integration degree is high, and the functions are complete. It can realize the unit start and stop program management, timing control, full function fault alarm and fault diagnosis functions.

The unit has RS485 / rs323 communication interface, which is convenient for users to realize centralized monitoring and remote monitoring. At the same time, the unit has the expansion function of system control.

3. Equipped with high efficiency fin condenser and fin evaporator:

The heat exchanger adopts the unique fin shape and structure, and the corrugated fin is made of special equipment by stamping. While the heat transfer effect is significantly improved, the surface is not easy to accumulate ash, and it is also easy to clean, to prevent bacteria from breeding on the fin, and to ensure the air quality. It is suitable for China with large dust content and more dust.

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