Air cooled screw unit

Product Overview:

Overview of air-cooled (hot) water unit:

(1) The air-cooled (hot) water unit is an integrated central air-conditioning equipment, which takes air as the cold (hot) source and water as the cooling (hot) medium.

(2) The air-cooled (hot) water unit can be divided into single cooling type and heat pump type according to its use, which is the general designation of single cooling type and heat pump type units.

(3) The air-cooled heat pump type unit is generally called "heat pump type air-cooled (hot) water unit" or "air-cooled heat pump unit". The unit integrates refrigeration and heating functions, which can provide cooling and heating. It can realize cooling in summer and heating in winter, and one unit is multi-purpose. Therefore, the air-cooled heat pump unit is usually a scheme that has no heating boiler, heating network or other stable and reliable heat sources, but it also requires air conditioning in the whole year.

(4) The air-cooled (hot) water unit (single cooling type, heat pump type) can be combined with fan coil or cabinet type air processor, ceiling type air processor, combined air processor and fresh air unit to form a centralized or semi centralized air conditioning system. It has many advantages of fan coil system, flexible layout, beautiful appearance, building space saving and convenient adjustment. It can Single stop, open without affecting other rooms, low operating noise.

(5) The air-cooled (hot) water unit (single cooling type, heat pump type) omits many auxiliary parts such as cooling tower, water pump, boiler and corresponding pipeline system, which are necessary for cooling water system. The system has simple structure, saving installation space, convenient maintenance and management, saving energy, avoiding condenser scaling and water pipe blockage caused by poor water quality areas, and also saving energy Water resources.

(6) The one-time investment of air-cooled (hot) water chiller is slightly higher than that of water-cooled chiller, but the annual operation cost is lower than that of water-cooled chiller. It is the most economical and simple model for maintenance and repair in the current cold (hot) water air-conditioning equipment products.

(7) The unit can be directly placed on the roof, podium platform or horizontal ground without the need to build a machine room or boiler room, which is safe and clean. When heating, the heat is directly taken from the outdoor air, which can save energy

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