Package Unit

Product Overview:

High reliability

The machine adopts full seal scroll press with few moving parts and high reliability;

Flexible compression, strong liquid hammer resistance;

Direct drive motor adopts refrigerant gas self cooling

Famous brand accessories, stable and reliable;

Multi loop design to achieve maintenance without shutdown;

Operation energy saving

Design of double press parallel press, increase part load by 15-30%;

Multi circuit design, higher efficiency of partial load;

Single fan of condensing fan adopts double speed and multiple fans, which can control the number of wind start and stop, and cooperate with double compressors in parallel, so as to ensure efficient operation in transition season;

The indoor fan with small cooling capacity can be adjusted in three gears to ensure the efficient operation of part load of the unit;

No cold bridge design to ensure no cold loss of the unit;

The fresh air valve can be configured to ensure efficient operation and comfort in the transitional season;

Operation quietness

The compressor room is adopted, the compressor is completely isolated, and the silencing cotton is used to reduce the outdoor noise;

Special axial flow fan to further reduce outdoor noise;

After strict dynamic and static balance adjustment of centrifugal fan, spring vibration damper is set on the fan motor frame of unit above 120kw to effectively reduce indoor side noise;

All fans have soft connection to effectively isolate fan vibration and further eliminate indoor side noise.

Advanced and reliable control

Microcomputer automatic control, LED status display, simple operation and complete functions;

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